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Initial Coaching Session (introductory)

Initial 30-60 minute session to see if coaching would benefit you.

Please be ready to discuss your business model, challenges, desires for your business, and any questions you may have of course.


Coaching isn't for everyone, but if you need peace and clarity in your business, we should talk.

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Find out more about TAB!
(peer-to-peer groups)

Learn more about TAB, aka The Alternative Board, a peer-to-peer business owners group

Getting advice from non-competing, peer business owners whose time is just as valuable as yours can be a blessing!

Schedule an appointment to find out more about TAB.

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Meeting Facilitation
(onsite or virtual)

Available to facilitate group business meetings such as:


Strategic Planning

Goal Setting

Management Team Meetings

Conference Panels

Brainstorming Sessions

Please include the date and location when you email us.

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